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Bespoke Advice

Identifying our clients’ needs and objectives to help them in the most effective way

Whether it is helping at the very beginning with the first art purchase, working to narrow down and re-focus a collection, purchasing art for a home or focusing on art-investments, our aim is to advise our clients according to their needs and their best interest.

Negotiating the best possible price when buying or selling on behalf of our clients

Prices in the art world can be a very grey area. Prices change, are not always easily accessible and knowing where to achieve the best price for a work – when buying or selling - is key.

Buying at auction

For confidentiality reasons or just for ease, we offer the service to bid at auction on behalf of our clients. We conduct all due diligence on the condition and provenance of the work and provide advice on fair and comparable market price. Third-party guarantees and private treaty sales can also be interesting strategies to explore and discuss.