Bespoke Advice

Identifying our clients’ needs and objectives to help them in the most effective way

Whether it is helping at the very beginning with the first art purchase, working to narrow down and re-focus a collection, purchasing art for a home or focusing on art-investments, our aim is to advise our clients according to their needs and their best interest.

Negotiating the best possible price when buying or selling on behalf of our clients

Prices in the art world can be a very grey area. Prices change, are not always easily accessible and knowing where to achieve the best price for a work – when buying or selling – is key.

Buying at auction

For confidentiality reasons or just for ease, we offer the service to bid at auction on behalf of our clients. We conduct all due diligence on the condition and provenance of the work and provide advice on fair and comparable market price. Third-party guarantees and private treaty sales can also be interesting strategies to explore and discuss.


Maintaining full confidentiality and discretion throughout each transaction

Discretion is key. And information is power. It is often in the client’s best interest that their identity is kept confidential. And that prices paid are not made public.

In some cases, we encourage sales agreements to be drawn up to protect our clients’ interest and will work with top-end legal advisors on their behalf.

Transparent remuneration

We work for our clients. Not for the galleries or for the auction houses. This means an un-biased advice is maintained during each phase of the transaction and we will always aim to protect our clients’ best interest. A clear commission structure is agreed from the start with the client.

The Market

Offering comprehensive and objective market research on specific artists and trends
The art market is a vast unregulated market with very opaque pricing, its own codes and where information is not easily accessible. We help our clients decipher emerging and/or current trends and assess fair market values to identify safe and sound purchases.

Identifying under-valued artists, periods and trends
We always encourage our clients to buy art they love. But why not choose from a list of overlooked artists or trends and couple pleasure with sound investment.

Facilitating access to the best works by each artist when buying on the primary market
The number of artists and artworks on offer is extensive. We visit a large number of galleries, art fairs, biennales, artists’ studios and international exhibitions enabling us to keep up-to-date with the artists in whom we believe for mid to long term value.

Access is key, not straight-forward for newcomers and we strongly believe it should be a fun pleasurable experience.

Sourcing rare artworks with excellent provenance when buying on the secondary market
We enjoy a close relationship with a large network of sellers: from the main auction houses and dealers to major collectors wishing to privately sell works, we are often aware of works coming up for sale prior to any publication. Private treaty transactions can be negotiated on behalf of our client before entering auction or the open market.

Facilitating loans of our clients’ artworks to public exhibitions
Through our network of relations with institutions, artists’ estates, foundations and galleries, we will ensure that works our clients own are included in museum’s exhibitions and relevant publications (catalogues raisonnés for example), thus enhancing the works “pedigree” and their value.

Co-investment strategy
Buying as a part of a small group/in a partnership can be beneficial to clients, giving access and a share into certain investment opportunities. We’d be happy to discuss this in further detail.


Organising insurance, packing, shipping, storage, photography in a cost-effective way

We handle the logistics from A to Z, from purchase to delivery. We work with a trusted network of shipping agents and insurance brokers across the world and will provide cost-effective logistical support as well as appropriate information on VAT and import and sales tax.

Technical assistance

Through our privileged network we give support and advice on framing, installing and displaying artworks, providing professional and efficient technicians to hang paintings or install large outdoor sculptures. We can also provide advice on the maintenance of artworks and all aspects of conservation and restoration.

Collections Management

Organisation and cataloguing of our clients’ collections

Keeping records of each work with images, copies of invoices, shipping documents. Organising archives for existing collections and making sure relevant information is added (with regards to provenance, authenticity, etc.)

Appraisals and market values as well as insurance values

Through our knowledge of the current market, we can provide appropriate insurance values as well as help with appraising collections through recommended professionals and expert appraisers.


Through our large international network, we organise exhibitions in institutions as well as commercial venues in Brazil. These projects include direct collaborations with artists, working together with galleries from production to consignments and sales, as well as more historic group exhibitions involving loans and publications of catalogues.

We work with real experts from the Brazilian art scene (curators, coordinators and sponsors) enabling us to build high-quality exhibitions.

See the Projects section of the website for more details about past shows.